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Online Audio Seminars

Online Audio Seminars allow participants to listen to a seminar while viewing a slide presentation. Files for the  audio seminars may be viewed in real time or downloaded for use at a later time. You can access the FREE audio seminar to learn more about this method of online training. It is a full-length audio seminar, but CEU credits are not available for this session. Other audio seminar sessions are available for $15 ($20 if you desire a CEU certificate) - or $20 ($30 with CEU) for double-session presentations. To help you determine if a particular audio seminar session is right for you, you can listen to the first segment of each session without charge.




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Clarification of Design versus Engineering

The terms "Design" or "Layout," and "Designer," "Layout Technician," and "Design Professional" as used in this series of programs are meant to portray contractors and their activities required to develop shop drawings for sprinkler systems which includes the identification of the water supply and sprinkler hazard occupancies or storage arrangements and commodities, as well as the layout of the fire sprinkler system based on standards published by the National Fire Protection Association. These terms are not intended to imply activities performed by an engineer.



Once AFSA training records are updated to reflect course completion, they are available for issuance within 15 business days to facilitate requests for records and transcripts.